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Energy and Architecture

Speaker: Nigel Warren

We live in a world that is not limitless. The application of limits informs how we build Energy Distribution Systems and Information Architectures and profound things happen to the design of systems when these limits shift. Right now there are seismic shifts in both fields.
Nigel will present some examples in which the Design of Energy Distribution Systems has evolved which has in turn effected the design of Information Systems Architectures which in turn has effected the Energy Distribution Systems and so on.
From Wind Farms to Data Centres via the Internet of Things and Satellites to DNA – lets explore the gravity well in between.

Building a Go micro service CI/CD Pipeline

Speaker: Myles McDonnell
With so many tools, platforms and technologies available building a continuous integration and deployment pipeline that is fit for purpose can be a challenging task.
Myles will demonstrate a battle tested solution, using Go, Concourse, Docker and Kubernetes that delivers a low friction process whilst maintaining a high level of visibility, promoting quality and providing fine grained control where required.


Nigel Warren

Nigel Warren


Nigel uses his 35 years of the Telecoms, Media and Technology industry experience to advise both the board and Vigil’s customers on technology approaches and tools.
He has acted as a consultant in companies ranging from large scale corporates such as the BBC, BT, Hitachi Software Europe and Tesco, through to start-ups maturing their technology for commercial scale.
He is a Visiting Research Fellow in the Dept. of Computer Science at Brunel University London and works on projects mostly in the Centre for Intelligent Data Analysis.

Myles McDonnell

Myles McDonnell


Myles has over 20 years’ experience building systems across investment banking, sports betting, CAFM, retail and maritime shipping domains.
He has extensive experience building and leading high performing development teams, establishing recruitment process, development process & tooling, system architecture, continuous integration & deployment strategy and perhaps, most importantly, team culture.
Myles values people over process, transparency, collaboration, rapid iteration and above all delivery of high quality systems into production.

Q2 2019

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